Turners Wood Products Created by Woodturners for Woodturners
  • Turners wood sanding wax


    A unique blend of oils, waxes and abrasive powders giving the ideal key to a perfect finish.

    Simply turn your wood to the desired form and give it a sand to 240 grit. Apply Turners sanding wax with the piece stationary using a paper towel and work it into the piece with increasing pressure and moderate lathe speed. You will hear and see the abrasive powders working and as the powders degrade into finer and finer particle sizes the finish of your piece gets better and better. 

    Using our sanding wax greatly reduces the need for traditional sanding and also reduces the amount of airborne particles associated with traditional sanding methods. Not only does this product provide an easy to use and fine finish it helps maintain a healthy workshop environment. 

    Product information sheet available on request.