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Chestnut Spirit Stains sample pack


These Chestnut Spirit Wood Stains are supplied in small bottles in a mixed sample pack, allowing you to try them out and discover the colour you are looking for.

Spirit wood stains in a range of colours for staining wood to enhance your work. Supplied in a array of timber coloured finishes or in various shades of colour.

If you need to enhancing a dull piece of wood or trying to hide a repaired crack, then this range of spirit wood stains are right for you. The quality of the Chestnut wood coloured spirit stains will only enhance your work, bringing timber back to life, while the rainbow colour pack open up many design opportunities.

The spirit stain is quick drying with a drying times at average temperatures in under 5 minutes

The Chestnut range of spirit stains can be applied by brush, cloth or sprayed on the surface of the wood, but you must always make sure that the surface that your applying the stain too is free from dust and is dry.

Choose from the Wood Colours or the Rainbow colours packs.  The wood colours will enhance or change the natural wood colours of your work while the Rainbow pack contains vivid colours.