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Chestnut NyWeb pads


Use Nyweb Pads once you have finished sanding to further smooth the surface and prepare it for whatever finish you plan to apply. Nyweb Pads are slightly abrasive and the results will be a silky smooth surface that allows your chosen wood finish to shine.  Will not leave any residue on the work piece. Long lasting, will not break up with use but is easy to trim to size.  The abrasion is generated by the type of powder that is coating the nylon fibres in the pad, White pads are pure nylon and have no coating.

Available in:

  • Green – Standard abrasion
  • Red – Extra fine abrasion
  • Orange – Ultra fine abrasion
  • White – Not abrasive, main use is in the even application of stains and other finishes.

Start with the Green Nyweb Pad and then move onto Red and then Orange to gradually refine the wood surface.

Safety note: If using Nyweb Pads on a spinning lathe hold the pads loosely with the palm of your hand, do not grip the pad with your fingers.  Push it gently to the spinning work piece.  If the pad should be snagged by the work piece it will be pulled from your hand without taking your hand with it.